Alcoa Warrick

Alcoa Closed Warrick Aluminium Factory

Alcoa announced to close Warrick aluminium factory forever. The company has already said it would close the aluminium factory at the end of march. Because prices fell sharply, aluminum plant economy cannot support its independent companies, so it had to close the aluminum plant operation for 56 years. According to relevant personage, 600 employees, 325 people will lose their jobs, the rest of the 275 people have found a new job, have to deal with retire. I…

aluminium car wheel

Alcoa plans to expand Al wheel production

Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products decide to expand to medium production capacity of aluminum wheels for commercial vehicles, mainly for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit and the mass of 3500 and 4500 models. The expansion plan also demonstrates the company‘s commitment to determination of the midsize car market. Alcoa Chief Executive Tim Myers said as a forged aluminum solutions leader, the company has always been committed to supply the…

al price recent month

Aluminium price keep increasing in China

Downturn in recent years, the investment demand, overcapacity and international commodity prices were low, and many other factors, non-ferrous metal prices falling and reached a record low. According to the sentiment in the fourth quarter of 2015, non-ferrous metal industry, according to a report in the fourth quarter of 2015 ex-factory price fell 13.2% year-on-year, non-ferrous metal in 16 consecutive quarter year-on-year decline. Among them, the aluminum…

SWA sewage treatment

SWA first sewage treatment facilities successed

Recently, the southwest aluminum forging factory sewage treatment facilities all the indexes passed acceptance of water quality monitoring, chongqing municipality jiulongpo district environmental protection bureau southwest aluminum first sewage treatment system put into operation. It is understood that the plant environmental monitoring total row of online monitoring system due to the effect of sewage straight row, monitoring data is not stable, chemical …

aluminium ignot

New capacity will be populated in the second half of 2016

Last year, under the background of aluminium prices all the way down, electrolytic aluminium industry losses, many domestic aluminum companies have reduced production, flexible production range widening. Antaike statistics show that in 2015 the implementation of flexible production electrolytic aluminium enterprises in 17 provinces (cities, districts), mainly concentrated in gansu, qinghai, henan and other places. It is reported, in under the action of joi…

aluminium storage

Aluminium demand expected to increase

Alcoa had previously announced that, in 2016, the global aluminum demand is expected to rise another 6% to 60.5 million tonnes, of which, Chinese demand will be the largest demand rose 8%. However, RUSAL believes that 2016 for global aluminum demand grew from 5.7% to 59.5 million tons. RUSAL said that China’s demand growth this year at around 7%. Century Aluminum gave no 2016 annual growth forecast, but the century aluminum to aluminum demand more pe…

LME Price March 2016

Aluminium prices hit a three-week low

The first two months of this year, China‘s industrial output growth to the lowest level since the global financial crisis, retail sales growth for the slowest since at least May 2015. However, fixed-asset investment was higher than expected, there are signs that the rebound in China‘s real estate market. VTBCapital WiktorBielski, head of commodities research, said “China‘s data is somewhat confused, because industrial production dat…

LME aluminium ingot trend

How long can metal price rise last

Since the middle of January, copper prices have risen 13.5%, zinc prices rose about 25%, iron ore prices jumped 57%. Analysts said this round of price increases reasons include China’s real estate market is improving and investors think 2015 metal has been oversold, etc. But some analysts say, even a decline in metal prices have hit a recent round of cycle low, are unlikely to return to the glory of our past. ANZ Bank (ANZ Bank) analyst Daniel Hynes …

electrolytic aluminium production

Venezuela aluminium production continues to fall last year

Venezuela industry said in its annual report, 2015 venezuela aluminium production continues to fall, but the iron ore production increased slightly, labor disputes over the past year, investment, cautious and a deep recession. Venezuela is Latin America’s largest aluminium producer, last year produced 90795 tons of aluminum, down 15% compared with 2014. The government says it wants mines can rebound this year, but the President Nicolas Maduro has ask…

aluminum cans recycle

Brazil aluminium cans recycling is the largest

According to foreign media process international’s latest news, the Brazilian aluminum association (Brazilian aluminium association, ABAL) and Brazil high recovery tank manufacturers association (ABRALATAS) recently jointly issued, according to data from Brazil aluminium cans recovery rate is as high as 98.4% last year, the world record to keep the country went on the position of the global recovery leader since 2001. Brazil market in 2014 aluminum c…