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Chinalco package transfer four silicon products companies

Chinese aluminium company chinalco energy group co., LTD., ningxia and silver star energy transfer (000862, shares) are listed on its holdings of ningxia ning electric silicon industry co., LTD. 100% stake, ningxia ning electric silicon photovoltaic materials co., LTD. 100% stake, ningxia ning electric co., LTD. 100% stake and ningxia silver star polysilicon co., LTD. 100% stake, listed price is 23.8615 million yuan respectively, $1, $1 and $2. The assigno…

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The downstream industry of electrolytic aluminium benefits due to the electricity price reform

Electricity price reform will lead to a decrease in the level of price trend for a long time. From the reform of the international experience, reform will promote overall decrease in the level of the price of electricity. Britain, France, Japan and other guodian after ten years or so, prices have fallen by more than 20%. The country the power to change the grid ‘income differential profit model, introducing the market mechanism, on both sides of hair…

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Chinalco signed 500000 tons of aluminum alloy with the baotou technological upgrading projects

Chinalco December 25 news: chinalco company signed a contract with baotou, 500000 tons of aluminum alloy product structure adjustment upgrade technical transformation project On December 22, baotou with chinalco (601600, shares) 500000 tons of aluminum alloy products of the company structure adjustment upgrade technical transformation project cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing. The Inner Mongolia autonomous region party committee standing committ…

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Dissolve the aluminum overcapacity is 2 or 3 years

On December 21, China nonferrous metals industry association, vice President of literature military during a speech at the annual meeting of the industry, said: China’s aluminium industry firmly limit new capacity, efforts to expand application aluminum, dissolve excess capacity can see results from 2 to 3 years. Non-ferrous metals costs high. October 1 to 8645 scale above non-ferrous metals industry enterprise financial cost 58.7 billion yuan, up 22…

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Global spare electrolytic aluminium production capacity will reach 10 million tons

Non-ferrous metals industry for many years the “bear market”, now “rise, the price falls, income, not ZengLi” has become the pronoun of industry. Electrolytic aluminium industry overcapacity also has formed at present. Industry facing the product prices are low; Industry overall losses; Financial leverage high three questions. Double hit by rising costs and prices are low, the industry average debt ratio is as high as 80%, electroly…

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Inner Mongolia wide silver first aluminium ingot production line pilot run successfully

In early December, Inner Mongolia wide silver first aluminium ingot production line pilot run successfully. This unit is a aluminium ingot continuous casting automation production lines, by boat cast chute, distributor, casting machine, mold, cooling machine, stacking machine, conveyor and other parts. Metal aluminum liquid out of the hybrid furnace, the ship form chute poured into the horizontal casting machine and molding, casting, cooling and stacking p…

the fanya metal exchange

The FANYA Metal Exchange established in Kunming

Although commodity spot trading market development in our country since accompanied with location problem, the market also didn’t stop the controversy and discussion, regulators also made several rectification action. But there is no denying the fact that the regular domestic relevant exchanges rapid rise, also for enterprise development has brought about many benefits in the industry. Under the participation of pan-asian non-ferrous metals exchange,…

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Saudi official output domestic the first alumina from bauxite processing

“TradeArabia” reported on December 25, the state-owned mining company, Saudi Arabia (Ma “Aden) announced that the company’s joint venture with Alcoa (Alcoa Inc.), located in Ras al Khair – large aluminum plant project (including smelter, refineries, rolling aluminum plant and port), a formal output by Saudi domestic Ma” Aden’s al Baitha bauxite, processed through 600 kilometers of railway transport the first batch …

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Kazakhstan’s President said to promote aluminum production

On December 25, kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said at a conference in with government officials and business people, kazakhstan, shall be in provo, smelter capacity from the current 250000 tons to 500000 tons. Kazakhstan Asset investment and development minister Isekeshev will travel to China, is in the construction of manufacturing plants. “We may need to build a new oil refinery to reduce dependence on other countries.” Steel and copp…

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SWA production of automotive aluminum plate for two years

In recent years, the world automobile industry in energy conservation and emissions reduction, improve fuel efficiency, such as pressure, lightweight development trend is more and more. Round to automobile aluminum sheet alternatives to traditional project boom. And for a long time, China cannot sell aluminum alloy car plate. That chinalco southwest aluminum industry to speed up the related technology research and development, to seize market opportunities…