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Aluminium export taxes refund canceled in China

In recent years, the rise of China, has become the world’s leading producer of aluminum products downstream. However, as China’s aluminum upstream manufacturers urged the government to cancel the original export tax, make the downstream aluminum products manufacturer in a vulnerable position. The proposal seems good for smelters, but it will no doubt be pounded China high-end aluminum products manufacturer. Madras Consultancy Group, the Metal B…

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Sohar Aluminium Announce Electrolytic cell major upgrade project completion

Sohar Aluminium announced a length of 1.2 km of electrolytic tank has been completed the main repair process, the cell is the mainstay of Sohar24 $smelting project. This marked the millions of dollars worth of projects has been optimized for productivity, energy efficiency and safety performance. The project is one of the nation’s largest industrial projects put into use in 2008, this is the first major upgrade project. Sohar Aluminium CEO, Serge Gos…

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The world’s largest broker will end the LME fund business

According to London on December 11, according to industry sources said on Thursday, the world’s largest dealer brokers ICAP (ICAP) will be in 12 out of the London metal exchange (LME) at the end of the base metal brokerage business, this is the part of the overall restructuring. Banks in order to comply with the financial crisis of 2008 has issued new regulations after out of the risk trade leads to traders brokerage revenue tumbled. Icap has been tr…

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The communist youth league of SWA for the first time congress is held ceremoniously

November 28, the communist youth league of southwest aluminum first congress held ceremoniously in freeman company. The meeting should be to official representative 121, actual (113, conform to the specified number. Southwest aluminum led ji-long zhang, LeiZhengPing, Chen Lin, member of the party group, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of the communist youth league in chongqing Liao Chuanjin, secretary of the chongqing municipal sasac communis…

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Tight credit could limit refinery alumina imports in 2015

, according to Hong Kong on December 3, traders and refinery management said, tight credit and the domestic price of the metal material will be weak, may limit the Chinese aluminum smelter import of 2015 alumina long list. China’s basic can meet the needs of the current aluminum production, refiners usually through long for existing and new capacity for raw material guarantee. Traders said the first 10 months of 2014, long single imports account for …

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Global aluminum market supply shortfall of 530000 MT next year

News: on December 2 in Canberra, Australia’s resources and energy economics (BREE), the report forecasts for 2014 global aluminum production will increase by 0.8% to 48.06 million tons, annual production of 2015 is expected to increase 3.76% to 49.87 million tons; 2014 global aluminum consumption is forecast to increase by 5.27% to 48.67 million tons, mainly driven by China and India demand, 2015 global aluminum consumption is forecast to increase by…

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In 2020 the global aluminum market gains of nearly 778 billion yuan

Transparent Market research organization Transparency Market has reported that in 2013, the global aluminum Market earnings of $91.23 billion (RMB 561.05 billion), is expected to reach $126.5 billion by 2020 the data (RMB 778 billion), during the compound annual growth rate of 4.8%. In 2013, the transportation industry is one of the largest end user market, aluminum alloy accounted for more than 40% of the total demand, especially in automotive, aerospace …

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Emirates EGA market bullish on the global aluminum industry

Emirates EmiratesGlobalAluminium global aluminum industry company is located in the united Arab emirates region (EGA) for global aluminum industry market, and plan to in the industry to invest $5 billion in 2020. The CEO said. Dubai aluminium (Dubal) and the united Arab emirates aluminium (Emal) to form the EGA, an official said after reviewed the two aluminum enterprises, at present, the company is considering the upstream industry of the future demand. G…

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Aluminum industry by the excess supply is in short supply

Aluminium line up on the year, a rise of 19% year to date. Indonesia’s raw bauxite export restrictions in January raised prices. The country is the world’s largest bauxite suppliers, bauxite is aluminum production of raw materials. Since 2005, the aluminum industry market has experienced the excess supply of phenomenon for 9 years, but from now on, things began to change. Last year the industry to carry out a series of production production pla…

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Aluminum formwork industry took off around the corner

Held on November 27 “expanded aluminum top BBS applied in construction industry”, the ministry of industry and raw materials department deputy director LuoTieJun, said the ministry in the non-ferrous metal industry “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” development plan compiling, will encourage expand architectural aluminum template, the structure of the foam aluminum earthquake-resistant houses, prefabricated housing ap…