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Aluminum template is promising in the field of architecture

Held on November 27 “expanded aluminum top BBS applied in construction industry”, the ministry of industry and raw materials department deputy director LuoTieJun, said the ministry in the non-ferrous metal industry “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” development plan compiling, will encourage expand architectural aluminum template, the structure of the foam aluminum earthquake-resistant houses, prefabricated housing ap…

Chinaloca seeking cooperation

Rio tinto and chinalco, a joint venture established innovation

On November 21, Rio chairman jan du plessis with chinalco chairman GeGongLin establishment ceremony held in Beijing jointly announced a joint venture established a innovation, chinalco, Rio tinto technology cooperation center (RTCI). The joint venture will be located in Hong Kong, Rio tinto and chinalco has 50% of the rights and interests. Chinalco’s Rio tinto technology cooperation center and new progress of Rio and chinalco existing cooperation. Ex…

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Aluminum instead ofcopper will the cabling industry development trend

In cable copper raw materials prices, a sharp fall in the number of cable production enterprise profit margins of today, the same as the prices of raw materials is far lower than the copper cable, so “to the aluminum section copper” hot topic has been noisy, so new aluminum cable performance will meet the requirements? Here, in order to more mature and popular on the market of copper clad aluminum power cables and electrical equipment with wire…

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Domestic aluminum processing to four characteristics in market competition

In recent years, the domestic aluminum smelting, aluminum processing industry presents the fast development situation. From the perspective of our country is aluminum especially architectural aluminum processing power. The whole building market demand for aluminum is increasing every year, the large and medium-sized aluminum production enterprise is the market’s biggest beneficiaries. But the aluminum industry, the future for a period of time especia…

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Heat preservation and heat insulation lu: su doors and Windows

The doors and Windows of the building is part of the building periphery structure, is the most sensitive parts of the building heat exchange, its energy consumption per unit area of 5 ~ 6 times that of the wall, door and window heat loss accounts for more than 40% of the whole building. Buildings outside the door and window heat loss has three ways: first, through the aluminum heat conduction loss; Second, through the glass of the radiation heat loss; Thir…

Aluminium in transportion

SWA transport company achieve safe driving record 3000 days

For a transport enterprise, safe driving is undoubtedly a lifeline. On November 4, 2014, is a southwest aluminum transport company achieve highway road transport safety driving day to 3000 days. This is a great safety record. In nearly eight years, the company solidarity twist situation, left and right sides together to be safe, out of the former was talking about “safe” colors “circle”, explore out a long-term effective mechanism o…

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Toyota will increase dosage of aluminum car body since 2017

Toyota will increase from 2017 in the automobile body aluminum consumption. Toyota will be centered on high-end cars, the engine hood, bumper and the doors into aluminum materials in areas such as the replacement. Body weight is expected to reduce 0.1 tons at most. Toyota also plans to reduce gasoline usage by lightweight, improve fuel efficiency. American car manufacturers such as ford motor in advance also use aluminum, steel as the main raw material of …

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The application of aluminum alloy in automotive industry

Over the past 20 years, world energy problem is becoming more and more serious, which reduce automobile weight, reduce fuel consumption has become each big automobile manufacturer the key to improve the competitive ability. According to relevant data, vehicle weight reduction of 50 kg, per liter fuel driving distance can increase 2 km; Car every reduce 1% weight, fuel consumption by 0.6% ~ 1%. Aluminum has many characteristics, such as small density, good …

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Aluminium processing error

Because now eliminated electrolytic aluminium step by step backward production capacity, a growing number of electrolytic aluminum factory will deep processing projects mentioned above the key project, always is more than 100000 tons of aluminum deep projects. Because now eliminated electrolytic aluminium step by step backward production capacity, a growing number of electrolytic aluminum factory will deep processing projects mentioned above the key projec…

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Automotive aluminum alloy material

Car body with aluminum alloy material mainly includes 2000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series alloy plates, profiles, tubes and high performance aluminum, different mechanical parts with different types of aluminum alloy material. Bearing the largest part of the skeleton parts: body, use the 2000 or 7000 series materials, heat treatment reinforcement. The stress of the secondary parts skin parts: body, use the 5000 or 6000 series materials. The door part: us…