Aluminum silicon alloy

China aluminum silicon alloy industry has strong market competitiveness

Aluminum silicon alloy is a mainly aluminum and silicon components of forging and casting alloy. Containing silicon by 11%. At the same time adding a small amount of copper, iron, nickel in order to improve strength. Density of 2.6 ~ 2.7 g/cm3. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of 101 ~ 126 w/m ℃). Young’s modulus is 71.0 gpa. Impact value 7 ~ 8.5 j. Fatigue limit plus or minus 45 mpa. Used in the manufacture of low intensity in the shape of compli…

aluminium in PC

aluminum industrial upgrading transformation

Yesterday afternoon, jiaozuo organization part straight head and aluminum industrial enterprises promote the development of aluminum industry held symposium, the basic conditions of aluminum industry development and the next step of work ideas for discussion. Ming-de wang, director of the standing committee, deputy director of the GaoXiaoFang, vice mayor Qiao Xue up to attend the symposium. It is understood that by the end of last year, jiaozuo has aluminu…

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Aluminum alloy heat sink

Aluminum radiator has been developed in the 1980 s, 90 s, our country pay close attention to product development of aluminum alloy heat sink, aluminum radiator in China during this period of research and development and patent project declaration is very active, then mainly aluminum welding extrusion molding products. As the combination of monolithic die-casting aluminum products abroad to enter, began appearing in our country also die-casting aluminum and…

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Aluminum alloy die castings with joint dissimilar materials technology

Dissimilar materials bonding technology used in aluminum alloy die castings without adhesive also need not fitting to a strong joint together of dissimilar material dissimilar materials bonding technology, its applicable types of materials are growing. Developed a direct bonding resin and metal “AMALPHA” Japanese MEC technology company, will apply the technology of resin material increased from 5 to 17. Metal, in addition to aluminum alloy forg…

aluminium for sun room roof

Aluminum doors and Windows enterprise development need to enhance brand awareness

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows processing must implement quality because only in this way. Must be stopped a few production of low-grade inferior products. To improve the heat insulation, sound insulation performance of the product, to make the use of its good performance and good environment beautification effect. Aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall industry must build up the consciousness. Must promote the use of a lot break hot aluminous profile, …

aluminium printing price trend

Goldman sachs is bullish prices

According to Goldman sachs (GoldmanSachs), bauxite in Indonesia after the ban on exports to make market supply shortage, will be used to make aluminum alumina prices to stimulate demand. Goldman sachs analysts, including MaxLayton on Wednesday (Nov. 5) wrote in the report, a key component of aluminum production of alumina, the price will go up in the second quarter of next year to $370 / mt, in the second half of next year, prices will rise to $380 per met…

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automotive aluminum demand will reach 750000 tons in 2020

High-speed rail transit construction is getting faster, is extremely important. In addition to directly benefit transportation equipment manufacturing enterprises, is a larger impact on upstream and downstream industry chain, including aluminum processing industry. With China’s high-speed rail system and the development of urban rail transit system, traffic with aluminum demand “eruption”. As the aluminium industry at present, the added v…

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Aluminum industry currently problems and suggestions

On the basic situation and characteristics of the aluminum industry, which restricts the healthy development of industry still has the following three aspects, specific as follows: (a) dissolve the electrolytic aluminium production capacity surplus contradiction faces many obstacles Dissolve the electrolytic aluminium excess capacity contradictions are still aluminum industry one of the key work. There has been a control at present, the new capacity, backw…

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Aliminium industry characteristics in 2014

(a) electrolytic aluminium enterprise electricity way for change In China’s electrolytic aluminium enterprises production cost, power cost is high, more than 40%, and lead to price has become the main factor of competitiveness of China’s electrolytic aluminium enterprises. At present, the electrolytic aluminium enterprise there are four main power source, respectively is: public power supply, the self-provided power plant of self-provided power…

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Aluminum industry development forecast

, according to the non-ferrous metal industry climate index since 2014, non-ferrous metal sentiment in the year of 56.9 points, 48.6 points back to September in general: in the first quarter is located in the “partial cold” interval, in the second quarter from the “partial cold” transition to “normal” interval; In the third quarter to maintain in the “normal” range. From the point of operation of aluminum ind…