aluminium wheel hub

The advantages of aluminum alloy wheel hub

1, fuel-efficient Even each aluminum alloy wheel hub 2 kg lighter than the same dimension of the steel wheel, a car with five province great 10 kg weight. According to Japan’s experiment, five cars weight reduce 1 kg each, about a year or save 20 l petrol. And American cars institute announced research report pointed out that aluminum alloy wheel hub although more expensive than usually steel wheels, but runs to 20000 km per car, the saving fuel cost…

recycled aluminium

Aluminium scrap classification

Aluminium scrap is divided into two categories: the new aluminium scrap and old aluminium scrap. The former refers to the aluminum processing and casting production enterprise in the process of manufacturing products produced by the technology of waste and scrap due to unqualified composition, performance products, they are generally made from recycled smelting production enterprises themselves the original brand alloy, there is also a part of the form to …

aluminium profile

Aluminium profile special manufacturing method

Aluminum extrusion knows, profile in the case of bending scrap is very not worth, also should not happen, but also can avoid! So, how to reduce or avoid scrapped due to bending! Extrusion straightening: straightening is profile bending caused by serious link, straightening, used in the work must pay attention to the straightening force could be on the profile deformation, convergent, orange peel, etc., the power is too small will generate profile adjustmen…

aluminium plate package

Create a new mode crack excess capacity

According to the China nonferrous metals industry association statistics, in 2012 China’s electrolytic aluminium production capacity of 26 million tons, the actual output of 20.27 million tons, capacity utilization rate is about 78%, which is the highest electrolytic aluminium production capacity utilization since 2008 years. Figures show that over the past five years, electrolytic aluminium production capacity utilization does not exceed 75%. Miit r…

aluminium storage

The application of two-dimensional barcode in the aluminum industry warehouse

At many companies face difficult to dismiss workers and labor costs and other factors, greatly limited the size of the company growing demands, especially orders more and more varieties more and more complex, the problem such as shorter lead time requirement, warehouse turnover efficiency more and more demanding, traditional management can’t adapt to, the reality request must use simple rapid technology to improve efficiency and solve the problem. To…

aluminum circles and discs

China packaging aluminum wafer market research and investment strategy analysis report

In 2012, the global economy continues to gentle movements smooth, China’s exports, the actual investment and consumption growth will appear different levels continue to decline, the market inflation pressure increasing, the quarterly GDP growth is not optimistic, macro economic leading indicators and synchronous index is still falling, the economy will continue to short-term downward trend. 2012 is the “twelfth five-year” start to the sec…

aluminium profile

Aluminum alloy hot rolling plate production line pilot run successfully

September 30, hercules aluminium new aluminium alloy/colored business opportunities: the price of aluminum alloy hot rolling plate production line to produce the first qualified aluminum alloy plates, this marks a total investment of 2 billion yuan of the provincial, municipal key projects – hercules aluminum processing projects, from construction, commissioning period gradually transferred to the operating period. Find it this morning, hercules alum…

aluminum double deck

Electrolytic aluminium production increase

In the first three quarters of this year, the national ten kinds of non-ferrous metal production 31.95 million tons, up 6.6% year on year, growth is slowing down 3.2% year-on-year. Electrolytic aluminium production 17.59 million tons, 7.8% growth, slow down 0.9%; Copper production rose 11%, slow down 11%; To lead production fell by 5.6%, the same period last year growth of 6.1%; Zinc production growth of 4.6%, slow down 7.1%. Alumina production growth of 4…

aluminium market

Supply pressure remained aluminium shoulds not be too optimistic

In October, aluminium market differentiation at home and abroad, including LME prices appear three months after stabilization, a strong rebound, while domestic prices fell slightly, rebound fatigue, aluminium “inside” weak very characteristic is obvious. Looking afternoon, aluminium lacks the basis of a strong rebound again, but the underlying positive help limit price downward space. Aluminium prices presented in October, the characteristics o…

aluminium cans

Brazil aluminium cans recovery rate was 98% in the world

In Sao Paulo, the eastern is the pronoun of upscale hotels and noble residential, gathered a lot of companies in this office, CEMPRE enterprises of renewable resources use association (Brazil) here, too, is located in no. 349 years in a small house. In Brazil and related monographs is recycling experts samples, CEMPRE is a frequent words, is a non-profit environmental protection organization, composed of 25 companies dedicated to the garbage classification…