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China’s aluminium exports will increase further

Affected by the accident devaluation, the expansion of the Chinese original aluminum exports is expected to get a further boost. China is the world’s largest producer of aluminum. Goldman sachs said, despite the aluminum prices, many manufacturers have not cut output, partly because the government’s subsidy policy. At the same time, China’s domestic demand weakens, inspired a lot of aluminium exports to the world market. July 1 – th…

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China’s nonferrous metals industry production running smoothly

In the first half of the complicated international economic environment and under the condition of domestic economic downward pressure is bigger, production of non-ferrous metals industry in China to keep smooth running in the overall situation. One is the output growth is becoming better and better progressly. In the first half of the ten kinds of non-ferrous metal production 25.2658 million tons, up 9.32% from a year earlier, the growth rate than the sam…

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Aluminum alloy cable potential developement

Recently, foreign well-known market Research company Research and Markets has released “2015-2015 China aluminum alloy cable market analysis report”. According to the report, in 2014, the Chinese aluminum alloy cable market is worth nearly 13 million yuan, but copper alloy generation rate is far lower than the world level. So far, the magnesium alloy and aluminum silicon alloy and copper rate of 70% – 70%, copper aluminum alloy generation…

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Applications of alluminium alloy in automotive lightweighting

In the booming automobile industry and at the same time, due to the need of environmental protection and energy saving, automotive lightweighting has become the world development trend. In the process of the implementation of auto lightweight aluminum alloy material will use their natural advantages, mainly used for reconstruction and the use of alternative materials. Can be roughly divided into body lightweighting automotive lightweighting lightweight, ch…

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All aluminum coal car lightweight

Provided by the southwest aluminum alloy material produces aluminum section 13000 of the coal train wagons, nearly time to successively into the daqin railway and the railway lines for shenhua, running in good condition. Compared with stainless steel wagon, all aluminum coal per car to reduce weight about 700 kg. As the “vehicle lightweighting” as development direction of rail transit, bulk cargo transportation of carrying the train to reduce w…

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Aluminum demand is increasing

As the economy continues to grow, increasing domestic consumption of aluminum and social JiXuLiang, preliminary estimates, 2015 domestic scrap aluminium will exceed 4 million tons, all kinds of old and new to the sustainable development of renewable non-ferrous metal industry provides a powerful material guarantee. In addition, in recent years, the import alumina waste continues to selling price, more domestic aluminium scrap will be the inevitable trend f…

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New material demand for non-ferrous industry steady growth

China nonferrous metals industry association regularly industry climate index and economic daily research center, the national bureau of statistics of China’s economic prosperity monitoring center monthly measures jointly compiled by the non-ferrous metal industry boom index, according to a report in June 2015, classics in non-ferrous metal industry climate index is 55.7, from the previous month pick up 1.4. Classics in nonferrous metal industry lead…

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Japan’s civil aluminum boat ranked among the top of the world

Japan’s civilian ships manufacture, the more aluminum, the aluminum used in the world. To 1945 years ago in Japan on the vessels of the bridge and superstructure with a large amount of aluminum, mainly is 2 ~ 4 mm plate and extruded section, after the second world war, the application of aluminum in civil ship dominant, and of course coast guard patrol boats and boat too much is made of aluminum alloy, such as the 1954 made the 15 “wind” …

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Century Aluminium will permanently shut down Ravenswood smelter

On July 29, Century Aluminum, it will immediately shut down the Ravenswood smelter located in West Virginia, because of poor market conditions make it difficult to guarantee the power supply. Due to the price declines, aluminium producer profits shrinking, aluminum prices close to a six-year low. The aluminum premiums also halved this year. Has been idle Ravenswood smelters from February 2009. Century said in a statement released late on Monday, “per…

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Japan’s breakthrough infrastructure with aluminum demand and demand of about one million tons per year

Under the background of global oversupply of aluminum and the aluminum producers in order to stimulate demand, was brooding, also calculate quite spell! It doesn’t, the news that the Japanese aluminum producers are looking for Bridges and other infrastructure construction in the process of adopting new design standard to apply more aluminum. Now, Japan’s stagnant domestic demand for aluminum. Usually, in the process of building Bridges if appli…