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Aluminium prices rebound slightly

China’s national bureau of statistics data released on Thursday showed that China’s output of aluminum products in the first two months of the year rose nearly 21%, to 6.9 million tons. Customs data show that at the same time aluminum exports jumped 80%, to 860000 tons. This year, according to Goldman sachs, global output will outpace demand of 460000 tons, the highest for three years, for the shortage of supply last year. The us banking group …

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China’s aluminium production increase affect internatinoal aluminium price

China’s national bureau of statistics data released on Thursday showed that China’s output of aluminum products in the first two months of the year rose nearly 21%, to 6.9 million tons. Customs data show that at the same time aluminum exports jumped 80%, to 860000 tons. Shanghai aluminum guotai junan futures analyst Wang Rong said that “in the second half of last year, China’s aluminium smelters to open some new production capacity.…

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The United States against Chinese export subsidies trade dispute could hurt aluminum products

Melbourne February 12 – the United States launched legal action against Chinese export subsidies industry, including aluminum products is one of the goals, it sparked again worry that China may cut aluminum products export tax rebates. The tax measures to boost exports and relieve the shortage situation in Asia. On February 11, the transformation and upgrading of China’s foreign trade demonstration base and public service platform subsidies fil…

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Aluminum alloy cable is not yet ripe for applications in domestic conditions

At home, the market is generally accepted that aluminum alloy cable with copper, aluminum cable is a cable, so manufacturers and users in the business, when buying aluminum alloy cable basic or continue to use copper and aluminium cable thinking mode to understand and use aluminum alloy cable products. This is because, in effect, didn’t really know the character of aluminum alloy cable has caused by. As for the cable conductor material: Copper and al…

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China aluminium exports surged shake the global aluminum market

Wall Street stories reported on February 13: China’s aluminium exports surged, shook the global aluminum market, because of China’s tax loopholes to strengthen the competitiveness of China’s aluminium. In 2014, caused by a surge of supply, the previous prices fell by 8% to $2081 a tonne, while London metal exchange (LME) prices rose by 4%. Arguably, exports of aluminium in China don’t seem to attract people, because the government a…

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Chinese bauxite inventories low, will support the Australian exports

Electric on Feb. 12, according to the news, Rio tinto in its 2014 earnings report said that China’s alumina bauxite and increased demand, affected by the Indonesian iron ore export bans. China’s bauxite from Australia increased 75% to a record high. Rio tinto chief executive Sam Walsh said: “we and the Chinese approaches, the geographical position. No matter how will supply bauxite. If we don’t supply, will supply elsewhere.” …

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Gglobal aluminum excess supply will be 9 years in a row

, according to announced on February 11, Japan’s sumitomo corporation trade company, according to the 2015 global aluminum excess supply will be the ninth consecutive year, with China unprofitable smelters to keep production to protect jobs. China is the world’s largest producer of aluminum. Sumitomo metals trading team manager Shingi Yamagiwa said that 156000 tons of aluminium supply surplus this year, less than 2014, 223000 tons of excess amo…

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Aluminum profile industry outlook in 2015

According to the current master of information, to the development trend of aluminum industry in China in 2015, the number and size will not have too big change in 2015, the development trend of aluminum industry in China is expected to won’t have too big change the number and scale, production capacity and production also was in stable state, and product variety will increase, the quality of the products will be more excellence, higher value-added p…

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Aluminum profile has become mainstream

According to related survey data show that in 2014 only in south China enterprise of more than 400 new doors and Windows; Among them, the most for aluminum doors and Windows companies. As a result, it can be seen that the market, the demand for aluminium is quite large. At present, our country except Tibet and hainan province and other provinces and autonomous regions have aluminum production enterprises, the main distribution in guangdong province, east C…

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Aluminum supply gap expanded over the next two years

33 analysts forecast this year the average price for $1965 a tonne, estimate 1.8% lower than last time, is also this season the basic metal ethnic middle minimum magnitude. Automobile and aviation industry demand, as well as outside China production decline, material will supply 54500 tons of aluminum market appeared this year. Supply in 2016 is expected to increase to 125000 tons. Last October survey estimates the excess supply of 38500 tons, 2014 102500 …