Aluminium Foil

Typical alloy: Aluminium Foil 8011 Temper O

Aluminium Foil 3003, 3102, 1145, 1235, 1100

Standard: surface should be rolling mill finished, flatness, clearance, and erosion, hole, crease, spot, and crack is not allowed.

Under annealed temper as O, the water brush experiment test should no less than Level B and without any oil spot.

Application Typical Alloy and Temper Thickness
Household Appliance Foil 8011 O 0.009~0.02mm
Food Container                             (pre-lubricated available) 3003 H24 0.02~0.09mm
Air-conditoner foil,finstock 3102 H19 0.07~0.20mm
Pharmaceutical foil 1235,8011 H18 0.018~0.022
Cigarette foil 1235 O 0.006~0.007mm
Decoration foil 3003 H18 0.026~0.15mm

Package: hang in air with wooden crate

aluminium foil 8011
aluminium foil packaging
aluminium foil line
aluminium foil sliting line