Aluminium lithographic quality coil for offset printing


Typical Alloy Temper: Aluminium Coil / sheet 1050 H18   Thickness: 0.13-0.50mm    Width: 500-1600mm

Technical standard reference: YS/T 421-2007; ASTM B209M; EN485; EN573; GB/T3198-2003

Type Alloy Temper thickness width Application
Normal PS Plate 1050    1052    1060    1070 H18, H16 0.13~0.50mm 500~1600mm Offset Printing of newspaper and books
Color PS Plate Offset Printing of color papers
CTP PS Plate Offset Printing of computer publisher
Mechanism Properties

Temper H18

Tensile Strength≥150Mpa

Elongation50mm% ≥ 1%



Roughness Ra 0.18 μm~0.28μm ±0.02μm in one coil

Turriform≤5mm, layer≤2mm except inner 5 circles and outer 2 circles

Not allowed defect: Crack, bubble, erosion, fold and pinhole

Defect≤0.5% in each coil: spot no more than 3 after electrolyzation experiment, but strip is not allowed.

Size Tolerance


0.13~0.20mm ±0.005mm

>0.20~0.30mm ±0.005mm

>0.30~0.50mm ±0.015mm

Width Tolerance: ±0.5mm for all width

Diagonal: ±1.0mm if cut into sheets

Flatness: any edge buckle is not allowed,

Wave≤3 and single maximum≤1.5mm total≤2.0mm in center area

Wave≤2 and single maximum≤1.0mm total≤1.5mm in edge area

Curve: ≤0.3mm in any 4000mm

PS coils in warehouse
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