SWA aluminium products for airline application

SWA passed the third round of military secrecy qualification review

September 7 solstice 8, chongqing southwest aluminum military secrecy qualification review on the scene of the third round of military secrecy qualification review, review strictly in accordance with the measures for the administration and its military secrecy qualification certification standards, through listening, ask, look, look, measuring methods such as the serious examination, eventually southwest aluminum through the third round of military secrecy…

electrolytic aluminium production

China aluminum prospects cloudy

Due to China aluminium mills are still increasing in aluminium to international market oversupply further expansion, the international aluminium prices tumbled, making international aluminum industry foreground cloudy, the whole industry is suffering the worst crisis in years, especially the high cost of aluminum producers or forced to production, only in this way, the price will rebound. Since September, the international prices have tumbled 24%, LME thre…

aluminium profile in auto

Jaguar first SUV global starting use full aluminum body

The 2015 Frankfurt motor show on the eve of the opening of jaguar SUV’s first official starting around the world, under the trend of SUV segment of the market is still hot, jaguar’s first SUV will further promote the brand sales promotion after listed. Recently, netcom club learn from jaguar official: jaguar first SUV Germany world debut on September 15, local time, the car will be in the factory in Britain solid Hal and will begin in 2016 in t…

al price glance

Aluminum demand is still strong

In the just concluded world economic BBS annual meeting of the new champions in 2015, the world’s largest aluminium producer Russia aluminum (party, hereinafter referred to as “aluminum”), vice President of oleg mocha MaiDeShen to accept an interview, for emerging markets “devaluation tide” published their own views. “The rouble devaluation is a” double-edged sword “, its despite the blow to the foreign direc…

Chinaloca seeking cooperation

Chinalco decrease production

Chinalco is finally removed “king state losses” hat – August 27, half its 2015 annual report showed that during the reporting period the business income is 66.087 billion yuan, down 5.71% year on year. Net profit of 27.58 million yuan, compared with the profitability; Basic earnings per share 0.002 yuan. The same period in 2014, chinalco’s loss is as high as 4.12 billion yuan. Chinalco a executives told the China business news &#822…

aluminium profile in auto

Dongfeng and Chalco cooperate in automotive aluminum

On August 28, dongfeng company with aluminum corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as: chinalco) signed in dongfeng headquarters set up “dongfeng — chinalco automotive aluminum alloy joint laboratory” strategic agreement. According to the agreement, the two sides will conduct business in the field of automotive aluminum alloy application coordination, new material, new technology, and the research, development and application of n…

china electrolytic aluminium

Electrolytic aluminium production capacity expects to increase to 40 million MT in 2015

In recent years, the electrolytic aluminium industry overcapacity has become well known, the reason is that with capacity expansion speed faster than every year. Recently, non-ferrous metals industry association aluminum branch called part of the electrolytic aluminium enterprise backbone to carry on the discussion and henan nonferrous metals industry association. Preliminary statistics, part of the attending enterprises will soon close the electrolytic al…

aluminium cables

Military quality booster improving the quality of aluminum alloy cable

‘new’ in the aluminum alloy cable industry and flowers for the market trend of the eye, there is a “boutique manufacturing spirit” has been ignored by most people, however, it is still fighting in the national economy in all walks of life, especially the advanced science and technology, of course, it is also trying to go visibly, into the general civil field, it is — military industry manufacture. The fifties and sixties of th…

henan electrolytic aluminium

Electrolytic aluminium excess capacity

Electrolytic aluminum industry in China since 2002, electrolytic aluminium production began to excess, affected by the downstream industry demand, China’s electrolytic aluminium surplus is expected to reach 500000 tons in 2008. In recent years, the electrolytic aluminium industry overcapacity has become well known, the reason is that with capacity expansion speed faster than every year. According to data show that in 2014 China’s aluminum indus…

aluminium imports and exports

China’s aluminium exports hit global aluminum industry

According to the British “financial times” reported on August 26, when the U.S. government for four years ago China Zhongwang Holdings co., LTD. (China Zhongwang Holdings) anti-dumping duties, the world’s second largest aluminium producers in China’s booming domestic market found the compensation. Zhong wang today’s profitability is the highest in the aluminum product manufacturers around the world. However, along with a posit…