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Aluminum processing industry faces severe challenges

In July, in the domestic money shortage crisis eases, risk appetite and overseas market more restrictive expansion policy expected good, such as aluminium a brief rebound. Electrolytic aluminium industry overcapacity problem in the long term, however, is difficult to effect a radical cure: low-cost expansion result in “west to east not retreat” capacity, and capacity limit policy under pressure from economic growth is difficult to implement. In…

charging piles

Charging pile in the development of rare metal

As technology advances, policy support and corporate investment increase, leap-forward development for China’s new energy automotive industry ushered in the last two years. However, with the development of new energy automotive industry to speed up, charging pile a limited number of bottleneck gradually revealed, and it also constitutes a potential investment opportunities in the capital markets. Analysts pointed out that China’s development of…

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Zhongwang aluminum project half completed

Zhong wang zhongwang aluminum projects has been a street road construction site, earthwork accumulation is consistent hallmarks hill, excavators, loading and unloading car are nervously desilting and soil. “This is a special section of the street zhongwang, it is a waste dam, truncation, has managed to dam is gradually desilting, rain drainage, road structure construction.” Said, head of civil job, daqing zhongwang yearly produces 1.2 million t…

Chinaloca seeking cooperation

Chinalco and shaanxi nonferrous group to seek cooperation

On October 15, assistant general manager of the chinalco, China’s rare and rare earth co., LTD., President of hai-yan ding, vice President of wang hong a line to visit shaanxi nonferrous group company, communication understand non-ferrous industry development situation, with the possibility of group cooperation and development. Shaanxi nonferrous group chairman of the board of directors of the company Wei Junying xiao-ping huang, vice general manager…

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The Russian aluminium with Interros solve Norilsk Nickel dividend policy matters

Russian aluminum (00486) announced with Interros solve for Norilsk Nickel dividend policy in the 18th of this month, the revised agreement to implement Norilsk Nickel dividend policy, in terms of Norilsk Nickel in 2013 and 2014, the amount equivalent to 50% of the Norilsk Nickel EBITDA, respectively, but not less than $2 billion, but the minimum amount should be removed to sell non-core assets the proceeds of any dividend assignment. In terms of 2015, the …

Aluminium in transportion

Aluminum in transportion needs stimulates European aluminum markets

The European aluminium association according to the latest figures increase stimulate demand for traffic applications of aluminum products, aluminum industry has a good future in the European market. In the coming decades Europe will double end aluminum products use demand, the current annual demand for 12 million tons to 2050 will increase to 20 million tons. More than growth mainly comes from transportation, in the 1990 s from the demand of this field ha…

visiting aluminium production line

Chinalco’s fourth XunShiZu HuaZe aluminum electric work in shanxi

According to the arrangement of chinalco’s party, chinalco fourth XunShiZu into the company to carry out a patrol work for two years. On September 23, chinalco XunShiZu 4 into the company’s jersey aluminum electric mobilization meeting, chinalco’s fourth XunShiZu Li Fengyi and XunShiZu all members, team leader above company assistant leaders, all the middle-level cadres and some of the workers’ representatives to participate in the …

ALCOA strategy

Alcoa’s strategic transformation better-than-expected profits

Beijing standard time on October 9, the morning news, Alcoa announced late on Wednesday, the latest results showed that benefit from higher prices as well as to the aluminum metal outside strategic transformation, the company has better than market expectations in the third quarter profit growth. Alcoa announced on Wednesday after, according to the results in the third quarter net profit of $149 million, equivalent to 12 cents per share, far better than th…

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The latest progress global auto lightweight

Due to the increasingly strict environmental protection and energy saving, at present, the auto lightweight has become the world’s auto industry development trends and hot spots. A BMW Japanese technology center director Marc Hofmann, BMWi series models by using carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites (CFRP) and aluminum alloy/non-ferrous business: aluminum alloy density, significantly reduce the vehicle weight. General in 1400 kg, the weight…

recycled aluminium

New mainstay – recycled aluminum exports

Recycled aluminum is energy saving, environmental protection, the labor-intensive industries, compared with electrolytic aluminium, energy consumption is less than 5%, according to industry association survey, recycled aluminum industry industrial added value ten thousand yuan BiaoMei 0.7 0.9 tons, the energy consumption is 30% of the average (2.59 tons) in China. In recently introduced China’s the eleventh five-year plan, clearly put forward “…