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Die casting aluminum alloy plating four kinds of surface treatment

1, aluminum phosphide By means of SEM, XRD, potential time curve, membrane method such as heavy change promoter was studied in detail, fluoride, Mn2 + and Ni2 +, Zn2 +, PO4; And Fe2 + etc. The influence of the process of aluminium phosphide. Research shows that: guanidine nitrate with good water solubility, low dosage, fast film forming characteristics, is an effective promoter of aluminium phosphide: fluoride can promote film-forming, weight increase memb…

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Barclays liter aluminum target price by 22% to 5.5 yuan

Barclays, according to a report published prices rebound, but in the third quarter, the aluminium producer earnings performance is very different, chinalco core EBITDA (02600) the quarterly only modest growth of 17%, while Russian aluminum (00486) according to the quarter rose 162%. It refers to the fact that chinalco high operating leverage, combined with cost reduction ability is limited, on the contrary the aluminum benefit the rouble devaluation, so th…

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Non-ferrous metal production

In August and September, Chinese entrepreneurs survey system to organize the implementation of the “2014 · China business operators questionnaire survey tracking”. This is the system organization nationwide 22 business operators annual follow-up. On November 19, a reporter from the system organization released “2014 · China business operators questionnaire survey tracking” learned, the current our country enterprise faces overcapaci…

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The aluminum market scenario analysis in our country

Aluminum in the shadow of the predicament has a lot of time. In order to reduce costs, is conducted to the upstream development. But it also poses a problem, is developing technology can’t have. So the development of the aluminum plant in fact there is a contradiction, upgrade technology not support cost down on the high side. Since this year, China’s electrolytic aluminum industry chain blustery, the terminal consumption by the tide, aluminium…

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Aluminum models to different film forming speed is different

Know aluminum friends must have a kind of test method of aluminum, the aluminum membrane, but you know, in fact, the quality of different aluminum conversion coating of time there is a difference! The pros and cons of aluminum components can distinguish when alkali corrosion, such as surface after alkali corrosion has too much film of membrane, membrane or red, it is necessarily containing silicon or high copper aluminum, the aluminum chemical conversion f…

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What is the construction type aluminum

Is made of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, construction products. Usually is first processed into castings, forgings and foil, plates, strips, tubes, rods, profiles, etc, then through cold bending, cutting, drilling, and coloring and made. performance Pure aluminium strength is low, their use is restricted. But add a small amount of one or several of alloy elements, such as magnesium, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, chromium, titanium, alumi…

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Color aluminum fluoride has a lifespan of 80 years

2014 “held recently in Beijing of China construction industry brand with the annual meeting of the strategic development, kingle group in many enterprise, was named” 2014 (fifth) enterprise of China building materials industry brand value, the group chairman zhang guohua was awarded the “2014 China building materials enterprise leaders”. In November 2013, kingle aluminum not 2 aluminium qiangqiang cooperation with Japan, developed w…

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Guizhou non-ferrous subsidy policy after sharing scientific and technological innovation

Practice internal work, independent innovation policy subsidies lifted a hand. In guizhou province to encourage technological innovation, implement the strategy of science and technology strong province, recently by the provincial department (intellectual property office), provincial departments jointly formally launched after the application technology research and development funds in guizhou subsidy management interim provisions “, clearly put for…

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Rising prices push on Russian aluminum quarterly profit

, on November 13, the China securities journal reported in the Hong Kong stock exchange listing of the world’s largest aluminium producer Russia aluminum joint company (00486 HK) 12, according to results released, thanks to rising prices and continue cost-cutting measures factors were markedly improved, the company in the third quarter ended September 30, a net profit of $25 million, reversing a loss of performance over the same period last year. Res…

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Alcoa’s Asia Pacific President Chen Jinya: aluminum industry to China to the world

On November 12, the 7th “multinationals leaders roundtable” and the first “multinational companies and China’s new urbanization industry international BBS” held in Beijing, Alcoa global vice President and President of Asia Pacific region Chen Jinya told xinhua in an interview, “aluminum industry to China is the world”, for aluminum industry, China has the world’s largest business opportunities. He said, as th…