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The U.S. auto manufacturing aluminium demand will increase to one million tons

Foreign media on January 7th, one of the world’s large aluminum producers, executives said on Wednesday, the U.S. auto manufacturing aluminum demand is expected to strong growth. Constellium NV, chief executive of Pierre Vareille said, as the U.S. production cars, such as the ford F – 150, the change of consumption from the consumption of iron and steel to aluminum, the company’s sales center of gravity will be turned to the U.S. market s…

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Chinalco international venezuela $498 million aluminium project construction

A few days ago, in the conference room of venezuela, President of the CVG – Venalum Venalum project signing ceremony start file. Mr Venezuela, President of the CVG – Venalum EUCLIDESCAMPOS and chinalco international engineering co., LTD., vice President of Mr Marin on behalf of the parties to the contract signed project commenced to joint. Venalum project start to sign, flag entered the stage of the implementation of the comprehensive project. …

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Chalco shanxi alumina production hit a record high in December

In December 2014, shanxi branch of aluminum production goods and chattels double hit a record high, real produces about 198128 tons of production completed, nissan 6391 tons; Calciner system through strengthening operation, actively organize production, commodity production 203834 tons. Ore quality decides the stability of production. In December, constantly consolidate the production base, production operation department, mining company actively urge the …

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Guangdong industrial aluminum need to seize the opportunities in development

Guangdong has always been “aluminum” the laudatory name, especially in good times, a few years ago the aluminum industry is a bonanza for aluminum processing enterprises profits in return. But “can wast, and shalt not than”, by the influence of excess capacity in nearly two years, aluminum prices have been falling, and the whole international market remained weak downstream demand, the day of aluminum processing enterprises “d…

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Cloud aluminum international acquisition Laos Laos aluminium

Cloud co announced on January 9, aluminum, aluminum company a wholly owned subsidiary in cloud international co., LTD., as the investment main body, the proposed $28.05 million acquisition of Laos aluminium co., LTD. 51% stake in a brief and implementation of annual output of 1 million tons of alumina project. The personage inside course of study thinks, after project implementation, the company’s bauxite resource support capability will be significa…

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China aluminum industry memorabilia in 2014

Blockbuster awards – 2014 list of enterprise of China aluminum industry On December 31, 2015 New Year’s day approaching, China aluminum industry top campaign was satisfactory. After enterprises run, data calculation, experts identify process, after 2014 year China aluminum industrial enterprises list to be finalized. China aluminum co., LTD., xinfa group, China hongqiao group, China power investment group, sheng tong, zhong wang group, entrants…

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China aluminium ingot prices fell almost 8% in 2014

Rumors in the domestic real estate market collapse in the first quarter, prices continued to fall and hit this year on March 25, the lowest price for 12320 yuan/ton; Then for bauxite supply concerns and electrolytic aluminum production of excessive speculation, aluminium has a wavelength for half a year’s rebound, high on September 3, usher in the year 15010; Every month in the final quarter of electrolytic aluminium production have been rising, Nove…

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Predict 2018 domestic aluminum alloy cable industry scale development

China is rich in resources of aluminum and copper, copper is second only to oil in our country’s second largest strategic materials, import dependency is as high as 60%. , as the most important raw material of wire and cable, copper prices rose too fast in recent years, let the wire and cable industry, on the other hand is aluminum resources are very abundant in our country, there are about 2.7 billion tons, while “by aluminum and copper”…

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What is A00 aluminum ingots

What is the aluminum ingots? Our daily industrial raw materials of aluminum ingots, according to the national standard (GB/T1196-93) should be called “remelting aluminum ingot”, but we used to call “aluminum ingots. It is made of alumina – cryolite produced by electrolysis method. Aluminum ingots after entering industrial application has two categories: casting aluminum alloy/non-ferrous business: aluminum alloy door and deformation…

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GDA said the German aluminium industry power costs rising threat

Berlin, December 26 news: Germany GDA aluminum industry group said recently that Germany aluminum smelters are currently at full production capacity, but the industry is facing the threat of higher electricity prices. GDA, says one senior people with Germany’s electricity provider in power supply contract negotiations, the demands for aluminum smelting manufacturers “rapidly increase price”. Aluminium smelting manufacturers will face tari…