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Global aluminum production difficulties to set out

A slap shot to draw what’s that noise? Which are supposed to be a problem, there is no answer when he was the enlightenment disciple is zen questions. But used to describe the status of the current global aluminum metal production, also like it. Is trying to slap on the hand, that is, outside of China aluminum producers, producers of self-discipline behavior has successfully suppress supply, make the aluminum market into the supply shortage. This sta…

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Russian aluminum material for automobile needs rising

Rusal said, automotive aluminum demand will increase substantially, with light material production and energy-saving automobile era will come. Rusal aluminum demand in 2020 is expected to automobile industry will be in 2014 increased 65%, to 23000000 tons. Aluminum consumption reached a record high last year car, change the body most structural materials from steel to aluminium, aluminium is the most important consumer market trends. But the aluminum price…

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The European Central Bank easing remove legal obstacles to the rapid rebound in Shanghai aluminum

Overnight LME3 month aluminum test rebound, to close at 1775.25 U.S. dollars / ton, a decrease of 0.55%. The Shanghai aluminum Thursday rebounded quickly, the Shanghai aluminum 1503 to close at 12840 yuan / ton, or 1.86%. The European Court of justice general counsel said the European Central Bank direct currency trading principle in line with the EU treaty, not in breach of European law, safeguard measures under the European Central Bank in two levels of …

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Ford reduce aluminum materials usage

According to the “Automotive News” reported USA, an executive Ford automobile recently revealed, the future for profit considerations, Ford will reduce the use of aluminum materials in the automotive. Ford USA President Han Ruiqi (Joe Hinrichs) said, the company will seek better, more efficient way to improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. Aluminum material still has a certain status, but never like aluminum F-150 large-scale use. Han Ruiqi s…

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Success in coping with anti-dumping case of enterprises in India aluminum wheel hub

Recently, the India chamber of Commerce and Industry Ministry announced a two-year long China Aluminum Wheel anti-dumping case final results. On the Chinese enterprise award rate is divided into two grades: Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida hub Limited by Share Ltd 7 enterprises such as the tax rate is $1.37 / kg, other enterprises is $2.15 / kg. India’s aluminum wheel anti-dumping cases initiated in 2012 December, Jinhua city Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida hub Limited b…

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Automobile industry expansion and aluminum price expect to increase

This year the disadvantage, the London Metal Exchange (LME) copper aluminum prices fell 3.98%, down 8.11%, lead zinc fell 2.14%, down 4.81%, lower oil prices background does not seem to have the economic recovery brought much boost really used, although the point in not long ago is often mentioned, now people may be more is worried about the economy again overall downturn and the demand of. But in this context, this year seems to have a good aluminum up op…

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85% electrolytic aluminum production capacity in line with industry standards

The Ministry of industry and information technology announced Tuesday the second batch 49 (a total of 51 projects) comply with the “list of aluminum industry standard” conditions of enterprises, of which the Aluminum Corporation of China (601600.SH), Shenhuo shares (000933.SZ), Yunlvgufen (000807.SZ), Yi ball resources (601388.SH) and other enterprises on the list. The two batch announcement to standardize enterprise total electrolytic aluminum…

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Continued to decline in aluminum prices increase aluminum products for export

Aluminum prices in recent days decline started lead to industry “jittery” atmosphere, and many analysts say Chinese aluminum overcapacity situation will continue for several months, but also to suppress the domestic aluminum prices continued to. Because of this, China aluminum industry or will begin to consider the strategy of product “out”, will further increase the export of products. Chinese aluminum product export increase, can …

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Henan aluminum industry will lead innovation trend in 2015

According to the henan region 28 aluminum processing enterprises start order production of survey data show that in December 10000 tons of aluminum processing enterprises starts at about 75% on average, annual production of 1000-10000 tons of aluminum processing enterprises starts at about 71% on average, The annual output 1000 tons the following aluminum processing enterprises starts at about 63% on average. According to the henan region 28 aluminum proce…

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In 2014 China’s aluminium fluoride production rose by 23.7%

Asian metal statistics, in 2014 China’s aluminium fluoride production rose 23.7%, to 610000 tons. The data from China’s 14 annual capacity of 30000 tons of aluminium fluoride producers, its total production capacity of 990000 tons, accounting for 82.4% of all aluminum fluoride production capacity in China. In 2014, hunan emerging aluminium fluoride production factory production gradually released, lead to increased supply. At the same time, the…