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European aluminum foil production 853000 tons in 2014

European Association for the aluminum Foil (Europe Aluminium Foil Association, EAFA), according to data from the 2014 European aluminum Foil production 852685 tons, down 0.3% year on year. The 2014 European aluminum foil exports of 98668 tons, 17.2% increase over last year. EAFA vice-president Manfred Mertens, said: “in the first quarter of 2014 the European aluminum foil market is strong, then three quarters of the market gradually recession. Affect…

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China cut electricity international aluminium prices fell

London, April 9, aluminum futures hit a three-week low, due to concerns about oversupply and cut prices, China’s stage, lead and zinc prices hit a high for several months, due to inventory decline further. Aluminum futures fell 0.5%, to $1762.50 per ton, down to three weeks earlier lows of $1759. On the Shanghai futures exchange, aluminum futures contract fell about 2%. China’s aluminium semi-finished products manufacturers in the past year exp…

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aluminum supply excess material in 2015

On April 8th, Alcoa (Alcoa) chief financial officer, William Oplinger released on Wednesday said after the first quarter, 2015 global excess supply aluminium market is expected to 326000 tons. This in January with the company is expected to supply 38000 tons, the main reason lies in the production of top producer, China is expected to increase. Oplinger said in the conference call, Chinese refineries continue to expand capacity, because the price has rebou…

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China’s electrolytic aluminium released new capacity

Largest copper producer, Codelco, said on Wednesday closed due to heavy rains in northern Chile copper mine are to resume production, but its Salvador laurel mines is still closed. On Friday (March 27) London base metals most falls, the international price of copper followed oil prices fall, fell to the lowest level this week, but copper is still recorded rose for a third straight week, helped by the main producer Chilean copper closed. The three-month Lon…

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Alcoa won the doe a $260 million loan

The department of energy (doe) has agreed to give Alcoa’s $259 million loan, this will be the first time since 2011 the agency ATVM project of automobile enterprise loans. The U.S. department of energy (doe) Advanced Technology Vehicles manufacturing (Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufa cturing, ATVM) loan program was set up as early as in 2008, a total of $25 billion, to support the development of new energy Vehicles. Late due to large controversy, …

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Alcoa 21% smelting capacity Brazil plant shut down by the middle of April

Under the winter raging commodity, but mining companies are looking to reduce capacity. As part of a cost-cutting plan in implementation, Alcoa’s Brazil factory by the middle of April will stop production altogether. In early march, Alcoa said it would seek to cut up to 14% of the smelting capacity, continue to cope with the prices and the global market oversupply situation. The company said on Monday that the challenge for the global market situatio…

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The largest national whole aluminum body of new energy automobile project in nanning

According to guangxi daily news recently, nanning source are all aluminum body held the opening ceremony of new energy automobile production base project, the project covers an area of 2000 mu, is located in nanning nanning ning district emerging industrial park, planning a total investment of 4.8 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, to achieve an annual output value of 2.2 billion yuan, is national the first largest scale in the aluminium bo…

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Japan aluminum inventory increase for a 10th straight month

February 17 news in Tokyo, Japan by the end of January, the three main port aluminium stocks climbed a 10th straight month, due to strong imports but the tepid domestic demand. trade Marubeni company said on Tuesday, January is located in yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka aluminium inventories increased 8.8% to 449800 tonnes last month. 1 month inventory beyond the record high in December, its high nearly 15 years since data. Tokyo an unnamed trader said, “…

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Russia refers China aluminium exports as dumping

The world’s largest aluminium producer Russia aluminum (party) alert is to remind the Australian government, urged the government to China’s large aluminum exports to Asian markets to take action. Russian aluminum refers to the practice of China’s exporters “camouflage” dumping “, “said hope the next time the world customs organization meeting to discuss this problem. After the United States and the European Union …

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Alcoa may be shut down or sold 500000 tons of production capacity

Aluminum giant Alcoa (Alcoa (AA) N) said last week, has its 500000 tons of production capacity in May shut down or sold evaluation list. Since 2007, Alcoa has shut down or sold 1.7 million tons of production capacity, but it seems, still need to cut more capacity. To some extent, this is Alcoa readjust business pattern, from the pure aluminum producers to professional material supplier. Alcoa has just announced a $1.3 billion takeover of RTI International,…